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ExtraTorrent has always been considered as one of the top sites for downloading free stuff. In some countries, ExtraTorrent is blocked because by either internet service provider or government. So if you are looking for ExtraTorrent Proxy sites for unblocking ExtraTorrent, then you landed at the correct place. Because today we are sharing the list of working ExtraTorrent mirror sites 2018.

extratorrent proxy

It is a great website where users share a lot of useful stuff that you can download at free of cost. And this is the main reason why millions of people still use ExtraTorrent regularly. Main domain of the site is which is blocked in many countries either by the government or local ISP. You can also check ThePirateBay proxy sites list which we shared in our previous article.

Whenever somebody thinks about downloading movies or TV shows from the internet, the very first thing that comes to their mind is torrent sites. Thousands of people use ExtraTorrent on regular basis to download their favorite TV shows and movies. So now let’s check out the list of ExtraTorrent Mirror sites.

Why is Extra Torrent Blocked?

ExtraTorrent is one of the popular torrent sites in the world which is used by millions of internet users daily. When it comes to torrent sites, they have both legal and illegal (pirated/copyright) content. Most of the officials ban those specific domains in the region or that particular country. The same thing happened with ExtraTorrent and that’s the reason why it is blocked in many regions. ISP or government authorities ban thousands of websites in their country who promotes illegal content.

If a specific website is banned, it doesn’t mean that you can’t access it. Well, you can use proxy sites if your internet service provider or government officials banned the site in your country. So to unblock ExtraTorrent, you will need the ExtraTorrent proxy. In this article, we are sharing the ExtraTorrent proxy sites which look similar to ExtraTorrent but serves users through a different domain name and IP address.

Extra Torrent Proxy & Mirror Sites

We are sharing the list of Extra torrent proxy and mirror sites. You can select your desired one and start using it. In case if any proxy doesn’t work, you can try the other proxies from the list given below:

ExtraTorrent Proxies Status Speed online very fast online very fast online very fast online very fast online very fast online very fast online very fast online very fast online very fast online very fast online fastest online fastest online fastest online fast online fast online fast online fast online moderate

Method to Access Blocked ExtraTorrent

Many people face issue while trying to access their favorite sites on the internet. It’s because of the rules and regulations put forward by either the internet service providers or government authorities. But most of these internet users take advantage of VPN for accessing their favorite sites. But in case of ExtraTorrent, ThePirateBay, all of these torrents portals have proxy or mirror sites. So this way you can access your favorite torrent sites when they are blocked in your country.

There are several VPN browser extensions, VPN proxy software and VPN apps available to access blocked sites. You can use Zenmate, Browsec chrome extension, Hotspot Shield, Cyber Ghost VPN for bypassing blocked site in your region.

How to Access ExtraTorrent without Proxies & Mirror Sites

If you are not interested in using Extra Torrent proxy sites then we are sharing some alternative ways. You can try out the apps, software, extensions are given below to access any blocked website on the internet. So let’s get started and check out them:
VPN Software: Cyber Ghost, Hotspot Shield, HideMyAss
Chrome Extensions: Hola, Browsec, Zenmate
Proxy Sites: HideMyAss

Final Words

So these are the working ExtraTorrent mirror and ExtraTorrent proxy sites. You can take advantage of them for unblocking ExtraTorrent to download your desired stuff. No matter in which country ExtraTorrent is blocked, you can use this ExtraTorrent proxies list for unblocking. Hope you find this guide informative. If so, then don’t forget to share it and leave your feedback in the comments.

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